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Fonts / Size guide

Our designs you see online already have the fonts and styles set. For custom designs, we can produce almost any design you could possibly think of! - letters, words and logos.  We can also amend one of our designs if you would like!

There are three styles of custom orders - 1) text based designs using one of the 28 fonts options, or a suitable monoline font of your liking, 2) your custom logo where you send us your logo and we can create a mockup for you, and 3) designs where you can choose unique options. Email us at and we will happily send you a quotation.

Have a look at our range of font styles , we can produce whatever your creative needs are.  Choose on our custom order page or refer to if submitting a quote form - 

Remember to take  note that we can produce almost anything your creative mind has in need of and if these fonts don't suit  your requirements or you have another ideal, we would love for you to share with us so please contact our team via email at


See below for standard information about our signs...

Please note - Each sign (custom or pre-set design) comes standard with a remote control which can be used to control the brightness of the light, switch it on and off from distance and program the light to flash or glow in multiple patterns in multiple speeds.

Each sign also has the option for backing to be trimmed in one of 2 ways - cut to shape or whole board:

Neon Nerd Cut To Shape Or Whole Board

The product comes pre drilled with specialist wall mounting screws.